Trace Eye-D takes the stage at Caribbean Security Forum

SARASOTA, Fla. – Team members from Trace Eye-D, a South Florida security technology company, gave audience members at the 2017 Caribbean Security Forum a sneak peek into the company’s latest technology developments this week.

Trace Eye-D consulting scientist and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Laboratories and Basic Sciences, Dr. William Rees Jr., took the stage on Thursday to share his expertise on a number of topics related to the security industry. Rees also presented new information about Trace Eye-D’s instant explosive threat detection products, including videos of the technology in action.

Rob Hartwell, president of Hartwell Capitol Consulting and a conference organizer for the 2017 Caribbean Security Forum, was also in attendance for the two day event. Hartwell serves as Trace Eye-D’s chief lobbyist and head of governmental affairs. Throughout the conference he led discussions and information sessions for the company.

The 2017 Caribbean Security Forum kicked off on Thursday and will continue through Friday. The international event centers on the discussion of the development of strategies to curb global and national threats. This years’ forum featured a distinguished panel of speakers with diverse backgrounds ranging from international military coalitions to legislative thought leaders.

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About Trace Eye-D

Trace Eye-D is a security technology company headquartered in Bradenton, Florida with a research facility in Sarasota. The technology developed by Trace Eye-D is designed to equip military, law enforcement agencies and other security providers with solutions for counter-terrorism operations and threat interdiction.

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